QR code generator

The public may access information on and descriptions of artworks through different mechanisms:

  1. in the Montage, by creating informative and descriptions of artworks (see Title Tool in User Manual)
  2. in the Player, when a Montage allows such, an option will enable the viewer to choose between aesthetical, informative and educational playing modes (in preparation).
  3. for some deployments, based upon  preferences, a QR code may be edited and link to specific catalogues that are in the language of their choice, see illustration below. Such require editorial preparation. When published in a PDF form, we have used third party services to generate Smartphone friendly PDFs (see QR-code-generator.com)
  4. in all cases, the player having a unique code, another “screen QR code” can enable a person to view in real time information on a given artwork, especially its title, date, author and description (in preparation).