WallMuse’s technology:

  • protects various educational, scientific and cultural multimedia content through digital rights management (DRM) and encryption;
  • enables constant playback or streaming of content across multiple complementary devices: PCs and their screens/projectors, SmartTVs, tablets or smartphones.

A large part of digital contents is protected by copyright. This does not concern those that are in the public domain. In general, multimedia productions of the last hundred years are concerned. In addition, this is not the case for contents in the public domain or under Creative Commons. The technology manages all these rights to curate exhibitions.

Custom sites may concern:

  • Media libraries
  • Education and learning
  • Scientific image and films collections
  • Archives of photos and reportages
  • Projects where media need to be protected
Opera Out of Opera 2 Workshop SITEM Paris 04042024 shared

Presentation made at a Workshop at SITEM 2024. See App Under Construction




The solution uses WordPress, leader in websites. A custom site integrates WallMuse’s app so integrated to your site with:

  • Specific digital exhibitions
  • Management of accounts and/or subscriptions
  • A catalogue

The WallMuse platform programs are complemented by online pages for:

  • Player
  • Configure
  • Add Contents
  • Curate