What is SHared ARt EXhibitions (SHAREX Project)

Because of rights, art of the past hundred years can rarely be shared over the Internet. This concerns most of the wealth presented by museums, festivals and other cultural mediators. The WallMuse app features both digital rights management and a strong protection of contents, as well as multi-screen broadcasting.

SHAREX’s objectives are to demonstrate to curators and professionals how to conceive, develop and broadcast their digital exhibitions with ease and efficiency.

Deployments concern:

  • The Digital Museum
  • The Digital Biennale and Festivals
  • Artistic and Cultural Education
  • Health and Elderly Care
  • Municipalities
  • Hospitality and Transport
  • Offices
  • Homes

  • But how can digital collections get involved?

SHAREX can help curators and professionals conceive, develop and broadcast their digital exhibitions with ease and efficiency. With organised digital content, the production of artistic, informative and educational exhibitions are facilitated. 

  • Why would museums and festivals be interested in additional tasks? What would be the outcomes and potential additional revenues?

The partners can co-curate digital exhibitions so deployed, indicating audiences and the shared business model and demonstrate outreaching and income generating incentives.

  • What are the new possibilities stemming from digital exhibitions?

The initial partners of SHAREX, through their digital curations, all collaboratively handled, disseminate best practices. SHAREX also shares secondary research on why quality digital experiences undeniably contribute to the appreciation of collections, exhibitions and festivals.


About Delegations

  • Parent/child accounts for multiple users within an organisation

Parent/child accounts share everything except the player. A child doesn’t own anything, he acts as his parent (except when playing) and all the service act as if the parent. Except in the player, in which the child is a regular user. So for his player settings he acts as a regular user, for all the content management he acts as his parent.

  • Rights Management Organisations

A number of these manage the broadcasting rights of artists. A museum that has acquired an artwork of an artist does not have the right to broadcast outside its walls. These organisations collect taxes and royalties for the artists / rights holders.

  • Delegations between different accounts

A delegation is between a user and an artist/author or a representative. It gives access to all the artworks in which the copyright-owner is the artist/author or the representative as if the user had added it.

Example: The State Museum of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki, the Costakis Collection (MOMus) is a delegate of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium (RMFAB) and reciprocally, as agreed in the Creative Europe agreement.

  • Creating a Common Exhibition

Delegations do not allow to create a Common Exhibition with two different accounts. To do this, WallMuse proposes, until a new service is implemented, to create a common account that would have delegations from both accounts.

Example: The SHAREX account was created so that the MOMus and the RMFAB can curate together on the same setup. This account has delegations for the MOMus and the RMFAB accounts that allow access to the contents of the two museums.