The video tutorials concern WallMuse App Version 4 will shortly be available. Previous Version 3 are available here.


The training focuses on the restitution of all artistic and cultural forms:

  • scripts, images, drawings, paintings, photos (2D)
  • artefacts, sculptures, installations, land art and cultural heritage monuments (3D)
  • videos, performances, lives (4D)
  • Interactive works, their “transpositions”, interactive exhibitions (5D) 

Without forgetting their digital curations for various in situ installations, or via the internet; storytelling, approaches will favour contemplative, collective, immersive, historical, territorial, thematic, semiotic and pace approaches. 

Access to the app is included with many free programs, necessary for captures and processing. Some third-party programs will have their own licenses. 

All of the required hardware and programs will be covered with practical case studies to raise awareness of these different workflows. For more complex projects, service providers by specialty may be required, for which understanding of the details of tasks will help prepare technical requirements and briefs. 


Individual requests may be asked through the contact form and for cooperations use the forum where arts professionals can request co-operations on new themes and approaches. This can concern the preparation of an exhibition or a deployment.