SHAREX Project’s objectives are to demonstrate to curators and professionals how to conceive, develop and broadcast their digital exhibitions with ease and efficiency. The WallMuse digital exhibition app features both digital rights management and a strong protection of contents, as well as multi-screen encrypted downloads or streaming. Case studies were made for an insitu situation: The Digital Museum; and outside of their physical locations:  The Digital Biennale; Artistic and Cultural Education; Health and Elderly Care; Municipalities; Hospitality and Transport; Offices and Homes.

SHAREX Project’s proposed initial rules:

  1. SHAREX Project Co-operation Entities use WallMuse’s app to share art digital exhibitions to a broad public at large and benefit from new audiences and the innovative transparent business model.
  2. SHAREX Project Co-operation Entities can securely upload their digitised artworks either in form of images, sound tracks or videos to curate multi-screen exhibitions called Montages.
  3. SHAREX Co-operation Entities may become delegates of each other. In other words, Co-operation Entities have access to other SHAREX Project Members’ digitised artworks and Montages under copyright extending curation possibilities, also co-curations amongst different organisations. Creative Commons rights are by default shared and not concerned. No Access Montages are accessible to Members as a means to work together.
  4. Co-curations are facilitated by search of artworks through artists, art movements and categories, datations and keywords. In Montage Credits (to be implemented), all organisations should be indicated for redistribution purposes of the business model.
  5. Co-operation Entities can share their exhibitions in their premises free of charge for any screen or projection that is smaller than 2.5m (98 inches). Higher size screens and projections fall under WallMuse services.
  6. WallMuse shares the revenues from the exhibition services broken between right holders and artists, Co-operation Entities and itself, according a framework agreed between thje Co-operation Entities and WallMuse.
  7. WallMuse will negotiate broadcasting rights for artists through agreements with rights representation organisations such as ADAGP (FR), SABAM (BE), BILDKUNST (DE), COPY-DAN (DK), DACS (UK), (SK), SIAE (IT), SPA (PT), VAGA (US), VEGAP (ES) and others. A solo artist Montage if amongst this list, needs to be approved by the associated rights representation that contacts the right holder(s). An organisation may ask broadcasting rights to an artist. When a Co-operation Entity has broadcasting rights on a given author, these should be indicated by naming them as Rights Representative in Credits in Specify Artworks (this will also be indicated in the Re-distributions Reporting and Transfers similarly to the one on the SHAREX Site > Digital Exhibitions > Financial redistributions).
  8. Subscription models are determined by type of deployment between Co-operation Entities. Professional usage (premium service with support) may be indicated. Social, education and home deployments may also benefit from certain privileges.
  9. Organisations handling, supporting deployments with local partners or clients, receive 15% on generated subscriptions. Those that introduce clients that lead to deployments receive 7.5%
  10. Quarterly reports are provided to support the shared transparent business amongst of all broadcasted Montages of that period (see SHAREX Site > Digital Exhibitions > Financial redistributions).
  11. Co-operation Entities may propose future orientations for WallMuse’s digital exhibition app.

Membership fees

See WallMuse Accounts.


See the Terms of Service of WallMuse platform : TOS