Batch Upload


Upload completed. -00- file(s) uploaded. -11- file(s) failed to upload.

Additional Instructions

The option Batch upload helps upload multiple artworks/contents as a process. To do so you need to: 

Download the template file
Open the file in Microsoft Excel and add the required artworks.
Use , ; or / as separators for multiple Rights Representations, Keyworks.
Export the file as “UTF-16 Unicote Text (.txt)”
Instead of spaces in file name, use hyphens - or underscores _
Please remove all accents in file name (use e instead of é for example)
Save and select Continue when prompted “This workbook contains features that will not work or may be removed if you save it in the selected file format. Do you want to continue?”
Go back to the “Batch Upload“ tab and select the file in TXT format (in Unicode format 16).
Select the TXT file or drag one onto the page area.
Select artworks from a folder or drag them onto the page area and press on Check files
Upload these
Import to complete the process
Once the procedure has been completed, the imported works are visible in Curate > List Contents

For information: if an error message appears in the last step of the procedure, only the artworks mentioned will not be imported. The others will be downloaded and visible on the platform.