Artists and Independent Curators

20.00 / year

Suitable for digitised drawing, paintings, photography (2D), parallax effects when possible (2.5D), installations, sculptures, cultural sites (3D), video art, art films and performances (4D)
– Batch upload
– Multiple synchronised displays upon a time line
– Streaming and download channels
– DRM handling Copyright, Creative Commons and Public Domain
– Security of contents through encryption

We will email you your account details.

Artists and independent curators can use an account for a yearly fee.
Allows access to one account of WallMuse’s app and support is provided, annual fees per account is 20 EUR or equivalent (10 EUR, the subscription itself + 10 EUR suite of services fee).
The suite of services includes eventual text translations, data storage, retrieval, transfer, acceleration, management, as well as detailed statistics and insights. Its fee will provide flexibility and transparency. Reporting will provide a detailed breakdown of service usage. If your usage surpasses the current budget, adjustments can be made to accommodate your needs. Conversely, any unused portions will be carried over to the next billing period.
Cost excludes VAT that is added at check out if applicable.