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  1. Members use WallMuse’s digital exhibition platform to broadcast to a broad public at large and benefit from new audiences. Create or  chose the existing shared business model.
  2. Members can securely upload their digitized artworks either in form of images, sound tracks or videos to curate synchronized multi-screen exhibitions called Digital Exhibitions.


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About Us

SHAREX is a new means for enjoying modern and contemporary art in public spaces. Co-financed in 2016 by Creative Europe, the project’s initial partners are WallMuse, The Royal Museums of Fine Art of Belgium (RMFAB) and the MOMus-Museum of Contemporary Art in Greece (MOMus).

The objective is to conceive digital exhibitions that integrate collections from various museums, festivals and art centres, so as to broadcast them in public spaces, in compliance with artistic rights.

The respect and protection of rights are an important aspect of this European project. Each member must adhere to its rules and conditions. Technical support may be provided to help create new artistic or educational digital exhibitions. These Montages (digital exhibitions) can be conceived individually or by several users, who may broadcast them in the spaces of their choice.

The site and the forum were established to present The SHAREX Project, as well as to assist new participants in the creation of their digital exhibitions and to answer their questions. The site also allows users to showcase a number of works and their potential for museums or festivals, public spaces such as hospitals and transport, or schools.